McKenzie River: Carmen to Tamolitch

June 4, 2006

Starting at the Carmen Reservoir, we headed “downriver” along the dry channel where the mighty McKenzie runs underground. Our route hugged the north edge of a swampy valley, then, squeezed from both sides by mossy rocks and ferny undergrowth, the trail wound through tall firs and occasional stands of alder. A massive rockface loomed to the south. Four sturdy log-and-rail bridges, spanning the dry river, gave evidence that the river reappears in periods of high water. We encountered many fine old firs and cedars—some three to four ft. in diameter. There were many blow-downs in the understory, but only a single log crossed the well maintained trail. A few spots were beaten into a quagmire by recent rains and mountain bikes, and we encountered several of this two-wheeled species—all were friendly and mud covered. The weather threatened all day, but some of us managed to hike without raingear—though a single rain-shower did cut short our lunch on the rocky pool overlook.

Members: Sherwood Jefferies, Barb Revere (leader) and Nancy Whitfield. Nonmembers: Jean Numo Lapeyre, Diana Pace and MaryAnn Walter.

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