Tire Mountain

June 3, 2006

When we left Eugene there was a threat of rain but Mother Nature smiled on us and gave us cool, ideal temperatures for hiking without a drop of rain. This hike is a good low elevation hike with a variety of sights: old growth forest, wild flowers, although not the show one gets at Iron Mountain/Cone Peak, and when it is clear, a vista of Diamond Peak and two of the Three Sisters. We only saw the base of those peaks but we could see Hills Creek Reservoir. We had our lunch spot at the viewless top of Tire Mountain. Since it was National Trails Day some bicycle groups were working on the trail. The only downside to the whole trip were some DEEP ruts on the paved Road 19. These should be repaired by now as crews had been working on them.

Members: Zella Andreski, Daniele Delaby, Julie Dorland, Debra Higbee, Yuan Hopkins, Sandra Larsen (leader), Mary Peel, Sheila Ward and Rod Wood. Nonmembers: Keith Christensen, Debbie Hibbard and Gail Wahl.

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