Green Island

May 20, 2006

After the old leader-gets-lost-on-the-way-to-the-trailhead trick, we set out from Coburg School for Green Island with Joe Moll, Executive Director of the McKenzie River Trust. We felt fortunate to have warm sunny weather, following the night’s fairly heavy rain.

Joe guided us along the perimeter of the north part of the island, showing historical structures (ferry station), channels, and projects. He introduced us to some of the complex issues involved in restoration and reclamation.

We saw deer tracks, nutria-trimmed lawn, lush grass and blackberry plants, and some wildflowers. Above were turkey vultures, a red-tailed hawk, and a kestrel. One osprey head popped out of one of the three nests we saw but the parents must have been some distance away collecting food.

The views of the river and its many channels were satisfying, especially when we saw pond turtles sunning.

For anyone who missed the trip and would like to see Green Island, which is ususally closed to the public, phone the trust at 345-2799 or contact to sign up for a work party on Saturday, June 3.

Members: Suzanne Clark, Walt Dolliver, Margot Fetz, Maggie Gontrum, Kitson Graham, Peter Graham, Bob Huntley, Effie Neth, Judy Newman, Ginny Reich, Leila Snow and Sheila Ward. Nonmembers: Karen Irmseher and Ray Lisi.

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