Mt. Tom Loop

May 9, 2006

It was a beautiful Tuesday for the first (hopefully annual) Mt. Tom hike. Located approximately ten miles Northeast of Coburg, Mt. Tom is one of the highest ( 3166' ) mountains in the Coburg hills. Nine hikers joined Carolyn and me at our house on Mt. Tom road to start the hike. The first short jaunt through the trees demonstrated clearly why we recommended waterproof footgear! Taking our time, we climbed 1000 feet over the next mile while enjoying great views of the Coast Range and the valley floor. When the logging road ended, we turned southeast along a ridge that runs below the peak of Mt. Tom. Using game trails that follow long abandoned logging roads, we took a break in a meadow beneath some large oak trees. A special place. Continuing south we found a good-sized bear track, wild iris and plenty of poison oak. Presently we came to a grassy knoll (complete with plastic chairs!), a nice space to spend some time and enjoy the conversation and the sunshine. We completed the loop by continuing south then west to Mt. Tom road and back to our house, where we saw a deer and some wild turkeys (rolled corn does wonders for wildlife viewing). Many thanks to Carl Witzig and Wallace Kaufman, the property owners who allowed us access through their land. Obsidians on the hike were: Jan Jacobsen, Jane Hackett, Sue Meyers, Sherwood Jefferies, Tom Happy, Bob Foster, Jim Fritz, Ruth Romoser, Carolyn and Cork Higgins (leaders) and nonmember Carol Stern.

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