Sweet Creek/Beaver Creek Falls

April 30, 2006

Beautiful sunshine warmed our spirits as we left SEHS to carpool to Sweet Creek Falls outside of Mapleton in the Coast Range. The first part of our hike along Sweet Creek offered continuous punchbowl-shaped waterfalls. After 1.1 miles we arrived at the base of 20 foot high Sweet Creek Falls, enjoying its beauty from two viewpoints. Retracing our steps we then drove 1.3 miles and hiked .8 of a mile for a full view of the falls. Finally we hiked a third .6 mile trail to Beaver Falls, which meets Sweet Creek. We enjoyed a variety of wildflowers including bleeding heart, fairy bells, yellow violets, pink fawn lily, trilliums, and corydalis.

Participants were: Zella Andreski, Lyn Dahlstrom (non-member), Julie Dorland, Sherwood Jefferies, Marshall Kandell, Barbara Morgan, Carol Petty (leader), Margaret Prentice, Robbie Shelton (non-member), Nola Shurtleff and Jessica Westin.

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