Fern Ridge Wildlife Area

April 24, 2006

We met at 6 p.m. at the end of Royal Ave. on a sunny and windy evening. Ambled along looking at waterfowl, swallows, sandpipers, and got a good look at an American Bittern. Also saw Osprey, Harriers, and a couple of Bald Eagles. The best sightings were an Ibis flying overhead and a Tufted Duck. Thanks to Glenn and Dan for bringing along their scopes.

Members: Rick Ahrens (leader), LaRee Beckley, Walt Dolliver, Janet Hall, Kathy Hoeg, Stewart Hoeg, Joanne Ledet, Judy Newman, Bill Prentice, Margaret Prentice, Ginny Reich and Barb Revere. Nonmembers: Lyn Dahlstrom, Glenn Morgan, Gloria Morgan, Dan Villani and Rosemary Villani.

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