Tamolitch Pool from Trailbridge

April 23, 2006

There were just a few wildflowers, but smiles bloomed on every hiker’s face at the cloudless sky and warm temperatures. Everyone was energized by the lovely weather and we flew up the trail rapidly. Lunch was a sun-drenched, lazy affair at the rim of the pool. We had the place to ourselves and conversations ranged from travel in Ireland/Mexico, our varied international ancestry, storytelling, recipes for paella, the email flap at city hall and the importance of being able to laugh at oneself. Once sated by food, some (Daphne) chose to laze like a lizard on a rock, while others explored the dry falls area. On the hike out Marshall fell against some sharp lava and received two cuts on his face as well as scrapes on hands and knees. We administered first aid, gave sympathy (just a little) and informed him that his beauty contest days were over — he took it rather well. As we neared our car, we began to encounter other hikers, all confirming, with smug smiles, how clever we each were to think of this beautiful hike on this glorious spring day. We encountered two logs over the otherwise excellent trail: one easily straddled and one monster that we had to walk around. Tickled pink to be hiking on dry trail and without rain gear or snow goggles, my fine companions were: nonmember Jamie Gorbet, and members, Daphne James, Sherwood Jefferies, Marshall Kandell, Wendy Mitchell and applying member, Mary Peel.

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