Mt. Baldy/Coburg Hills

April 22, 2006

The annual Mt Baldy/Coburg Hills hike was again a success, excellent hiking weather, excellent hikers, no problems at all. We had a normal start from South Eugene High parking lot out to McKenzie View Road to the gate which leads to the Buck Pasture where we parked our cars. Have people introduce themselves — I give the talk about the special permission we have to visit the area, and also since it’s a circle trip of six miles, we cannot leave somebody along the trail to pickup on our return. In other words, go the distance. Back down to the road and head East to the Trail Gate — Over the gate and head up toward The East Caves via the Kirk Memorial Trail — Visited the Cave, and viewed the many rock climbing routes on the vertical rock faces above the trail. When we got above the caves we walked over to the overlook which gives an excellent view of the towns of Springfield/Eugene, also views of the ever expanding homes, shopping centers, hospitals, etc. — From here we headed toward Baldy using the cow/deer/raccoon/turkey/people trail which is basic cross country walking through pastures and forest. Max Brown did his normal wonderful duties as sweep keeping things together. We slowly went up the “Steep” section to the top of Baldy, and then we were there, with views of the lower Willamette Valley, and Mt Pisgah, Spencer Butte, Diamond Peak, and The Three Sisters. Lunch was served out of packs and people visited and enjoyed the views. But all too soon it was time to head on down, which we did via a different trail. I could hear mutterings about “I hope he knows where he’s going”. But things worked out and we found our way back to the parking area.

Members: Jane Allen, LaRee Beckley, Max Brown, Jean Coberly, Paul Flashenberg, Bob Foster, Kitson Graham, Gary Kirk (leader), Penny McAvoy, Sue Meyers, Julia Richardson and Rich Romm. Nonmembers: Bill Nelson and Carol Stern.

The Cave

At the overlook

—photos by Gary Kirk

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