Spirit, Moon and Parker Falls

April 21, 2006

We saw two black bear cubs on the side of the road as we left Parker Falls. I should say those in the front car saw two and those of us in the second car saw only one cub. About 2½ ft. tall, the cub stood up by a tree and gave us a good view before scampering up the slope. When Wayne led this hike two months ago, the falls were decked out with ice sculptures. Now there is more water and the trillium are in bloom. The 125 ft. Moon Falls was voted to be our favorite. It was worth the long scenic drive to view these falls. Perhaps someone would like to lead it later in the summer when one can continue on the new paved Brice Creek Road (FSR 22), FSR 5850, and FSR 2102 to Oakridge. On the way home, we stopped at the Cottage Grove Ranger Station to pick up the Recreation Guide and other materials.

Members: David Call, Shelly Call, Jane Hackett (leader), Janet Jacobsen (co-leader and reporter), Sherwood Jefferies and Barb Revere. Nonmember: Christy Fisher.

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