Ridgeline Trail

April 19, 2006

We decided to try something a little different. . . hike a familiar trail AND do trail maintenance. Just carry your favorite TOOL and trim, scrape, shovel or prune as needed while you walk along. The Eugene Parks Dept. thought it was a capital idea. . . as did the reporting staff at KVAL when they saw it in the list of activities published in Tuesday’s R.G. So we had newscaster Jennifer Winters and her camera man Al with us as we tromped thru mud and wonderful spring wildflowers, stopping sporadically to improve trail drainage, cut back brush, open culverts and admire the Columbine, Lilies, Hounds Tongue, etc.

We had plant expert Dave, bird connoisseur Rick, and trail maintenance guru Peter along to answer questions and provide advice. The day was one of those spring beauties you dream about all winter; warm, pungent, greening and each twist of the trail offering a new entry for a spring bouquet. Then, when it was over, we all watched our good work on T.V.!!!!

Members: Rick Ahrens, Peter Asai, Larry Dunlap (leader), Jane Hackett, Janet Jacobsen, John Jacobsen, Dave Predeek and Margaret Prentice. Nonmembers: Al Cameraman and Jennifer Winters.

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