Urban Flora and Fauna

April 17, 2006

Beavers are sure interesting critters (and not just the orange and black ones to the north of us). Our public works departments should harness their energy — not only do they build dams and lodges, but they also construct canals and tunnels. Because they’re shy, they notify others of their territory by creating scent mounds, a precursor to Revlon’s Musk perfumes. Thanks to Dave Walp, we saw lots of examples of their presence (including beaver eggs) in Alton Baker Park and around Delta Ponds. We also saw porcupine damage on many trees in Alton Baker Park, as well as a sleeping raccoon in the crook of a tree. Other wildlife included a wolf which turned out to be a large dog, great blue heron, scaups, mallard, buffleheads, coots, and two turtles. We all agreed that we are very fortunate to be living so close to “nature”. . . and that we’ve gone by these places many times before without noticing the details. Thanks Dave!

Members: Dan Christensen, Stewart Hoeg, Richard Hughes, John Jacobsen, Marshall Kandell, Lana Lindstrom, Anne Montgomery and Margaret Prentice.

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