Alsea Falls

April 15, 2006

The weather forecast called for heavy rain. I called everyone the night before to say that Sherwood was leading the trip to matter what and not to call me early Saturday morning to opt out. Whoever showed up at SEHS could go. I was surprised that only two hikers gave a pass to this rainy day hike. Decked out in colorful raingear, it was not easy to identify the 14 hikers as we started on the trail to Alsea Falls. From there, Sherwood led us on a loop trail through the forest and then on the trail to Green Peak Falls. The calypso orchids and sagging trilliums were bright spots as the rain poured down. It was so cold and wet that our lunch turned into a quick snack and we headed back to the warm cars. I am sure that all of us were keeping notes on how to improve our rain gear and how to keep items in our pack a bit drier on our next “damp” hike. As we gained elevation on our drive back to Alpine, it began to snow. For a few minutes, it was a winter wonderland. Our thanks go to Sherwood for scouting the trip and making sure that all of us got back to the cars. It was his first trip as leader! Let’s hope he leads it again on a sunny day.

Members: Zella Andreski, Jean Coberly, Walt Dolliver, Paul Flashenberg, Jane Hackett, Debra Higbee, Yuan Hopkins, Bob Huntley, Janet Jacobsen (co-leader and reporter), Sherwood Jefferies (leader), Marshall Kandell, Sue Meyers, Barb Revere and Nancy Whitfield.

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