Ridgeline Trail

April 1, 2006

Thanks to chauffeur, John Jacobsen, Barb Revere and I were able to leave our vehicles at the Spring trailhead for the one way hike. Fourteen hikers met at SEHS parking lot and made the quick drive to the Blanton Heights trailhead to begin our hike at 8:45. We lucked out with the weather; it was cool with a few glimpses of blue sky. The downpour the night before made quagmire of the muddy trail. Perhaps bog is more descriptive. The worst part was the Blanton Heights section. So much for clean boots. The trillium was in full bloom with white blossoms appearing on many slopes. We saw spring beauties, a few calypso orchids and fawn lilies. A year ago at this time, there were beds of calypso orchids on the Fox Hollow/Dillard section. For those interested in the distances, it was 1.7 miles from Blanton to Willamette, 1.8 miles from Willamette to Fox Hollow, .8 miles from Fox Hollow to Dillard, and .9 miles. to Spring. Dan Christensen and his grandson, Braden left the group so that they could hike up Baldy and then return to Blanton Heights. Because of the muddy trail, the rest of us hiked around Baldy to Spring. On the way, Norma Lockyear and Tom Gould left the group to take a side trail down to Old Dillard. That left ten of us who were ready to cheer when we saw the two cars. It was 12:00 when Barb Revere drove hikers back to SEHS and I drove the rest to Blanton Heights. Even with the swampy conditions, this was an excellent spring wildflower hike. It also gave people an opportunity to explore one of Eugeneís treasures. It was Jane Allenís third trip and she had her membership form ready to mail.

Members: Joan Abel, Zella Andreski, Dan Christensen, Walt Dolliver, Tom Gould, Janet Jacobsen (leader), Norma Lockyear, Greg Milliman, Carol Petty, Margaret Prentice, Barb Revere and Charlie Van Deusen. Nonmembers: Jane Allen and Braden O’Guinn.

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