Lower McKenzie River Trail to Belknap Springs

March 27, 2006

Blessed by full sunshine and cool temperatures this delightful hike traced four miles of the McKenzie River and began with 14 trekkers catching a Lane Transit District bus from downtown Eugene or Thurston Corners, to ride to the McKenzie Ranger Station. Along the trail cedar, white pine, and fir shaded a veritable carpet of Oregon grape, bracken, and mosses with just a sprinkling of trillium. Beside the trail icy clear water roared over boulders and bends keeping us interested. Upon arriving at the resort we split into groups to wander the grounds, eat lunch, bask in the sun or ease into the pool. The resort keeps the pool at 102 F, and we all felt well poached after our hour-long simmer. The trail was in surprisingly good shape and we saw evidence of work crews in newly sawn trees felled by wind earlier in the season. The muddy spots were few — or so well mixed with forest duff that the muck didnít cling to our boots. We met two other hikers and they had ridden the bus with us. Our convivial group of 13 Obsidians, and one pending member, congratulated themselves at the end of this wonderful excursion.

Members: Joan Abel, Tom Adamcyk, Jim Duncan, Sharon Duncan, Yuan Hopkins, Sam Houston, Janet Jacobsen, Daphne James, Darrell McBee, Nancy McBee, Carol Petty, Barb Revere and Charlie Van Deusen. Nonmember: Barbara Norrgaard.

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