Gillespie Butte

March 19, 2006

So many people signed up for this hike that I assigned Walt Dolliver to collect trip fees while I helped the nonmembers with membership applications. Fourteen members and seven nonmembers made the short walk up to Gillespie Butte and the hillside Gillespie Cemetery. Jacob and Elizabeth Gillespie donated the land at the north end of the butte to the Gillespie Cemetery Association to be used as a burial ground in 1895. Many of the monuments had familiar names: Armitage, Gillespie, Young, Goodpasture, Campbell, Harlow, and Spores. We spent some time at the Woodsman of the World (WOW) monument for James Armitage. The monument looks like a tree stump with the broken limbs. I read from an article by member, Karen Seidel, about the meaning of the symbols: hammer axe, wedge. Fawn lilies blooming around a small monument hidden under a bush made a picturesque scene. First timers were surprised to discover such a quiet spot overlooking Eugene.

Back at Starbucks, half of the group continued on to Delta Ponds with Rick Ahrens as a guide. Rick described the recent changes and then we did a bit of birding. Zella Andreski and Holly Higgins completed their three trips and will be mailing in their applications.

Members: Rick Ahrens, LaRee Beckley, Jean Coberly, Walt Dolliver, Sharon Duncan, Jane Hackett, Carolyn Higgins, Cork Higgins, Anne Hollander, Janet Jacobsen, Margaret Prentice, Barb Revere, Tom Revere and Sam Tracer. Nonmembers: Jane Allen, Zella Andreski, Sandy Burr, Susan Deal, Ron Edwards, Holly Higgins, Lorre Lucas and Mary Peel.

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