Great Oregon Beach Cleanup

March 25, 2006

The group met at Shopko and left at 8:30 with a forecast of a 90% chance of rain. It was already at 100% as we headed out! We spied a red-tailed hawk perched in a tree off to the left as we drove out past Veneta. We arrived at Carl G. Washburne S.P. about 10:15 and after donning rain clothes, signing up and receiving our requisite large bags and purple gloves (yah, the guys took the white ones) we headed onto the beach, deciding to walk south as far as we could and then work our way back. We were pleasantly surprised by the weather at the coast — very little rain, a mild temperature and no wind.

We picked up trash while walking both directions. If you’re thinking about going shopping, here are some of the things we found on the beach — and the price was right! Lots of rope, a wet sandy sheet, a length of stovepipe, liquor bottles, dresser parts, a toothbrush, an unbroken light bulb, a bottle with Japanese writing on it, a WWII toy soldier, a tire, and lots of plastic in assorted sizes, shapes and colors.

There was excitement too. Jan Jacobsen took on a mountainous tangle of slimy, rotting kelp and rope, wielding her look-alike swiss army knife with bravado — slashing and cutting with determination. That kelp had no idea who it was dealing with! It finally had to let go of the rope and we packed pounds of rope into our bags. Glen Svendsen climbed a cliff and leaning out, cut free more rope that had been wrapped around and tied to a bush. Next time — sharp knives! The beach was noticeably cleaner as we walked back to turn in our bags. Thanks to all participants for the great, good work!

There were quite a number of dead birds that I couldn’t identify but checked on when I got home. Seems they were Rhinoceros Auklets and there have been large numbers of them washing up on the coast this month due to some bad storms out at sea that wreaked havoc on them.

Then on to the AlphaBit for lunch, with the sun streaming through the skylights, adding warmth and casting a glow over the dining room, the good food and the good company. A red-tailed hawk was perched in a tree off to the right as we drove home — maybe in the same place! And treasures in my pocket — a large agate and a smooth olive-brown stone with a swirl of black. We were all so lucky to be outside today!

Members: Tom Adamcyk, Ann-Marie Askew, LaRee Beckley, Daniele Delaby, Walt Dolliver, Sharon Duncan, Margot Fetz, Yuan Hopkins, Janet Jacobsen, Barbara Morgan, Judy Newman, Margaret Prentice, Barb Revere, Barbara Schomaker and Glen Svendsen. Nonmember: Judy Adamcyk.

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