Spencer Butte Trail Maintenance

December 9, 2006

Two Obsidians, Peter Asai and Scott Youngblood, and future Obsidian, Matt Bell, met at Spencer Butte to work with City Volunteer Coordinator, Matt McRae. This day was focused on brushing and clearing culverts from the main parking lot to the summit tree line and along the tie trail from Willamette/52nd St. As usual the weather was ideal, cool and non-precipitating. This continues our record of two years work at Spencer Butte and no trail maintenance trip ever being rained out. The group cut back tree limbs, ferns and other brush protruding into the trail or causing head obstacles. The group was able to re-direct a father and his two toddlers from heading in the wrong direction, a graphic representation of the problem of inadequate signing given the multiplicity of trails on the Butte.

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