Mt. McLoughlin west-side

September 17, 2006

When Chance Fitzpatrick and I arrived at Mt. McLoughlin we discovered that the gate was locked. Not too big of a deal, it just meant having to walk a mile each way extra. This did take away some of the dubious charm of the west-side climb.

After hiking up the road to our intended starting point, we headed cross-country north-east through brush, open forest and rocky slopes. The sky was clear and the air cool. There was snow on the ground from a storm of the previous week. We headed for North Squaw Tip (7193') for our first summit and break of the day. We then ascended a near-by, snow-covered scree slope to attain the north-west ridge which we then followed to the summit of Mt. McLoughlin (9495'). On top, we rested, took in the views, lunched, fed the resident pine-marten and chatted with the many east-side climbers.

Dropping off the south side of the mountain, we angled west across the fall-line, heading directly for South Squaw Tip (7644'), our third and final summit of the day. On our way back to the road, we came upon a line of flagging apparently marking the unofficial “Squaw Tip Trail.” —Wayne Deeter, leader.

South Squaw Tip and Mt. Shasta, from North Squaw Tip (photo by Wayne Deeter)

Mt. McLoughlin from North Squaw Tip (photo by Wayne Deeter)

Chance on top of North Squaw Tip (photo by Wayne Deeter)

Bear paw prints in the snow (photo by Chance Fitzpatrick)

Mt. Bailey, Union Peak, Crater Lake Rim, Mt. Thielsen showing behind (photo by Chance Fitzpatrick)

Our footprints ascending snow-covered scree slope (photo by Chance Fitzpatrick)

Fourmile Lake, Klamath Lakes Pelican Butte from the NW Ridge (photo by Chance Fitzpatrick)

Wayne on the NW ridge (photo by Chance Fitzpatrick)

Obligatory summit shot (photo by Chance Fitzpatrick)

Chance takes a chance (photo by Chance Fitzpatrick)

The north side of McLoughlin from above (photo by Chance Fitzpatrick)

Chance on top of South Squaw Tip (photo by Chance Fitzpatrick)

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