Mount Thielsen

August 19, 2006

We left the trailhead at 6:10 a.m. We walked at a steady pace up to the PCT. We felt as if we had the mountain to ourselves. Shortly after we were passed by three climbers. After we reached Chicken Point we again had the mountain to ourselves (as the other climbers left as we got there). After a brief review of prussiks and how to use them. Kim climbed to the summit and set three points of protection, as this was the first time Kim had taken on this task George followed him up and double checked the anchors (all was okay). The other eight in our group headed up as well as six free climbers using our rope as a route guide. So we were 16 people on the summit at once, this was cozy to say the least. While on the summit we had to share the spot with swarming flies, annoying but not harmful. We had all summited by 11:15. When we retreated back to Chicken Point there was another crowd of at least ten more people there, so it was a good time to beat feet back down the hill. We cut down the scree slope and bushwhacked a short way to the PCT and headed on out. Our climb group were steady and strong hikers that got along well and we all had a great time getting to know one another.

Climbers were: Chris Stockdale, Linda Lamb, Barry Smith, Chance Fitzpatrick, Virgil Lamb, John Dougherty (visiting Chris from Colorado), Emily Casey, Dan Keller, George Jobanek & Kim Sawyer, leader.

—photos by Chris Stockdale

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