Three Fingered Jack

August 12, 2006

Three Fingered Jack is a fun mountain to introduce to climbers who have never attempted it before. More often than not, their heads are full of stories of how scary it is, how precarious the ridge, how exposed the crawl, how tiny the actual summit. And, more often than not, Andy and I are the source of those stories, or climbers we have led up the mountain, having led Jack so often now. This latest batch of novitiates to the wonders of Three-fingered Jack were a wonderful group to climb with. We left the trailhead at 4:30, hiking for the first hour by headlamp, hoping to get well ahead of a group of Mazamas we heard were climbing Jack the same day. This early start allowed us to get up the ridge, through the crawl, up the chimney and out to that tiny summit, and back down it all before we saw anyone else on the mountain (and then boy scouts, not Mazamas). Through it all, everyone on the trip was highly capable and a pleasure to hike with. Andy led a wonderful climb of his last before leaving for college.

Members: Chance Fitzpatrick, Andy Jobanek (leader), George Jobanek and Julie McGlinsky. Nonmember: Sean Allensworth.

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