Prouty Glacier, South Sister

June 17-18, 2006

We set off Saturday morning at 10:30 for Green Lakes Basin. We hiked on dirt for about half a mile before we were able to put on our skis and snowshoes. Wayne, Marty and I were skiing in and Chance and Larry were snowshoeing. We traveled in about three and a half miles. When we went to ascend a steep slope of rock and snow, Marty broke through the snow. His leg got trapped under a rock, and his pack pulled him backwards, injuring his knee. At this point, we didn’t know how bad Marty’s knee was injured. He was in pain and having trouble walking. We decided we had to take him back to the car. We all took as much of Marty’s weight out of his pack as we could, and he was still unable to walk very fast with his pack on. So we left the pack behind, and Wayne and Larry volunteered to come back in to get the pack the next day. Once Marty had no pack, he was moving very quickly, and we returned to the cars by 4:00 p.m. I drove Marty back to Eugene, and Wayne and Larry stayed and camped overnight. Marty went to the doctor, and the diagnosis was a sprained knee. Special thanks to Chance Fitzpatrick, Larry Huff and Wayne Deeter for carrying as much weight as possible from Marty’s pack and for retrieving the pack. We’ll have to try the mountain again next year.

Climbers: Wayne Deeter, Chance Fitzpatrick, Marty Gangle, Larry Huff and Mark Slipp, leader.

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