Amazon Headwaters/Raptor Center

December 10, 2005

Thursday morning, I received a phone call from a man who wanted to sign up for my “advanced” three mile hike as listed in the Register Guard. Since he totes a 50 pound pack on his daily workout hike, I suggested that this might not be the hike for him. Try Rebel Rock in the spring. I was again surprised on Saturday morning when I stood by the mailbox under the brilliant blue sky and opened the Register Guard to see a photo of an owl at the Raptor Center on the front page. Ten of us met at the gate at the end of West Amazon at 9:30. Everyone was pleased to get a Wayne Deeter topo map of the Ridgeline and Amazon Trails in the Spencer Butte area. In the past month, Wayne Deeter has hiked these trails with his GPS so that he could mark the trails on the topo map. Temporary signs are posted to help hikers navigate the detour to the powerline road and the beginning of the new Amazon Headwaters Trail. Due to the cold temperature, the detour was not muddy. We walked up the mile long trail that is now completely graveled to the Fox Hollow Parking lot. Bill Prentice met us for the tour of the Raptor Center that is just across the road. We were fortunate that Jean presented a short program featuring Lorax, a horned owl. Anne McLucas shared a few owl calls that were quite impressive. The two nonmembers asked for membership forms. We were back at the cars by 12:00. Back home, I received a phone call from some one who wanted to know if it was too late to sign up for the trip.

Participants were Tom Adamacyk, Jean Coberly, Walt Dolliver, Janet Jacobsen (leader), Sherwood Jefferies, Anne McLucas, Bill and Margaret Prentice, Julia Richardson, Ruth Romoser and Glen Svendsen.

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