Mt. Pisgah

November 18, 2005

A 15 person train left the north parking lot in ½ mile visibility. After stripping along the way (well, at least a few garments were shed), we lingered at the top—still couldn’t see very far, but we could feel the sun. Hopeful that the fog would lift soon, we hiked the road to the east parking area. Wrong! Snacks were quickly eaten in conditions identical to those in the north parking lot. We looped back via the east trail and then back down the face. After good conversation and hiking, we were ready for some real soup in our tummies! The hikers were: Dave Becker, Tom Berkey, Anne Bonine, Dan Christensen, Jim and Sharon Duncan, Tom Gould, Dick Hildreth, Richard Hughes, Braden O’Guinn, Barb Revere, Sharon Ritchie, Jeanne Schmid, Sheila Ward, and leader, Lana Lindstrom.

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