Cape Mountain

February 19, 2005

Eleven hikers gathered at the Shopko parking lot on West 11th on a cloudy Saturday morning. The group divided into three cars and drove over to the Dry Lake Trailhead just a couple of miles off of highway 101 near the C & M stables. The goal was to hike Cape Mountain. When we arrived at the trailhead the weather was cloudy and in the upper 40s. Two other cars were already parked at the trailhead. The cars were to be the only sign of other people on the hike. The trail was unusually dry for February. We began by hiking the Princess Tasha trail to a scenic overlook of the dunes and the coast that included both a bench and a picnic table. We then hiked the Scurvy Ridge trail to a replica of a hitsi-a type of Indian hunting shelter. We then retraced our steps until we reached a fork, which lead us to the top of Cape Mountain. We stopped at the top for lunch. As we were eating, the fog rolled in and our views of the Coat range and the coast disappeared and we rapidly cooled off. We made quick work of lunch and headed down a continuation of the trail, which soon brought us back to our cars. Our timing couldn’t have been better right after the cars got back onto 101 it began to drizzle and we drove through the rain all the way back to Eugene. The hikers were Ann-Marie Askew, Anne Bonine, Max Brown, Daniele Delaby, Walt Dolliver, Jim Duncan, Sharon Duncan, Yuan Hopkins, John Nettleton (his first hike with the Obsidians), Sheila Ward and trip leader, Stewart Hoeg.

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