Ray Benson—Island Shelter

January 15, 2005

This trip was originally to go to Ikenick Snow Park but there was not enough snow to ski there, so we all headed for Ray Benson Snow Park. There was plenty of snow there, so we started off on the North Loop, then took the Circle Lake cutoff over to Island Shelter. There we had lunch and made an unsuccessful attempt to light a fire in the wood stove. We decided to take the snowmobile trail back to the parking lot, as it was the shortest route. The group got separated into two groups on the way back and the later group took the wrong trail for about ½ mile. Then they turned back and finally arrived at the parking area about 4:30 to very icy cars. Participants were: Suzann Stery, Nancy Whitfield, Bob Huntley, Craig Renkert, Tom Woxell, Roger Galka, Brian Hamilton, Mary Hamilton, Jan Stocker, Elenor Wilkerson, Chris Stockdale, Leia Hart, Carol Petty and Bill Johnson, leader.

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