Eel Creek

November 13, 2005

Our carload of five planned to meet Sherwood Jefferies and Birgitte Williams at 9:30 at the Oregon Dunes NRA Visitor Center in Reedsport. At 9:40 we left a note for Birgitte and six of us headed south to the Eel Creek trailhead. I did this hike in 1976 and 1987 and remembered the blustery wind and blowing sand. To my surprise, the weather was quite pleasant with just a bit of rain and no wind. For 2½ miles we walked through the dunes with the background noise of the ocean. Three people were lucky enough to see a porcupine. Jane turned off on the upper trail through the deflation plain to the beach. At last! We had our first view of the ocean! After lunch, we hiked back on the beach and caught the lower trail through the deflation plain. This was a much wetter trail with water in some places over our boots. We had a coffee stop at Old Town in Florence and were back in Eugene around 5:00. Participants were non-member Bob Freed and members Pat Esch, Jane Hackett (leader), Janet Jacobsen (report writer), Sherwood Jefferies, and Royal Murdock.

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