Lost Creek

November 12, 2005

It was a cool morning when we met at SEHS with the promise of rain, 43 miles to travel, we headed for Lost Creek Trail. Turning at The Eagle Rock Road we arrived at the spot where the trail begins (no sign). It’s easy to miss. The weather is great for hiking. Question—will there be snow ahead? We began to hit snow about 350 feet. Reaching the trail junction-turn left, head up Saw Tooth and now there is 3 to 4 inches of snow, hard to see footing and foggy but not raining yet. We climb the rock but nothing to see. I look south to see Bohemia but nothing but a big black hole, spooky. Back at the junction there’s still time to climb Mt. June. Mt. June got its name from Elijah Bristow, because the snow on her top is in the month of June. It has been raining but mostly the melt of snow and ice is off the trees. Hiking down the trail, all the maple trees were turning a golden yellow and the rain had stopped. On the way up we had picked a few chanterelle mushrooms, stashing them under a log to be picked up later. But we could not stop looking for or picking more mushrooms. About a quarter mile from the end of the hike, off in the distance, a lone coyote could be heard. By the time we were out we had gathered about three gallons of mushrooms. The men divided the mushrooms, had a short lesson on bad mushrooms, joked about the mushrooms that we kept, that they might be poisonous. With that, we might have three funerals to attend in a few days to a week away. This was a great trip with easy going company. Hikers were Rob Castleberry, Larry Dunlap, Rebecca Hansen (leader) and Dave Schlessinger.

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