Ridgeline Trail

November 6, 2005

Barb Revere, Janet Hall and I left two vehicles at the Spring trailhead and then met the other seven hikers at SEHS parking lot. It was a quick drive to the trailhead at Blanton Road where we began our hike at 9:25. After Saturday’s blustery storm, we were surprised to have pleasant overcast weather for our hike. Near Willamette Street, we stopped for a short walk up to an open meadow for a view of Spencer Butte. Bob Huntley commented about the enticing smells of bacon and pancakes drifting from one of the houses on the other side of the meadow. Our group increased by one when Marcia Cutler caught up with us on the trail. Due to the recent storm, the trail was a bit muddy and littered with a few branches. Our group tried to pick up as many as we could. We crossed Willamette Street, Fox Hollow and then on to Dillard Road. Janet Hall told us about meeting some scientists on the trail who were looking for vole nests high up in the tree. Alas, we did not find a vole nest. We walked down Dillard Road to the parking lot prepared to make the steep and muddy ascent of Baldy. It started to rain and we scrambled for our raincoats. When Marcia said that her leg hurt, I decided to bag the summit of Baldy and take the safe trail around Baldy to the open pasture and then over to Spring. Dick Hildreth and Marcia took the short trail down to Old Dillard road to wait for us. We were back at our cars around 12:10. We quickly realized that some of the hikers left items in the vehicles at Blanton. Janet Hall drove hikers back to SEHS while the rest of us hopped in Barb’s van for a ride to Blanton and SEHS. We also picked up Marcia and waved good-bye to Dick who wanted to walk back to SEHS.

It was helpful to have a co-leader to assist with the car shuttle, the sweep and offer support. We hope to lead it again so that more people can enjoy the long stretch of the Ridgeline Trail. Members: Marcia Cutler, Jane Hackett, Janet Hall, Dick Hildreth, Bob Huntley, Sherwood Jefferies, Janet Jacobsen (leader), Nola Nelson, Carol Petty, Barb Revere, Nancy Whitfield.

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