Amazon Headwaters/Ridgeline Trail

October 29, 2005

Did 29 sign up for this trip because the starting time was 9:00? Because it was in town? Because it was a new trail? Several people walked to our meeting place at the end of West Amazon and two people arrived via LTD bus. Only twenty-four of us started up the Amazon Headwater Trail with John in the lead. Sharon Ritchie positioned herself in the middle of the group while Janet was the sweep. The lower part of the trail, not yet graveled, was muddy and slippery. Fortunately the upper part of the new trail has been graveled. Jake of Department of Human Services and Chris from Eugene Parks and Rec. Department were supervising a group of teenagers who were moving gravel. Their hard work was much appreciated. At the Fox Hollow trailhead, Nola decided to walk down to Donald to catch a bus back to town. Shelly and David Call caught up with us so we actually made a net gain. I apologized to David and Shelly for my directions on how to get to the end of West Amazon. We continued on the Ridgeline Trail to Dillard Road. It was challenging to fix our location on the trail signboard. At that point, Judith Thompson headed down Dillard Road to her nearby home. Back to 24 hikers, we took the lower Ridgeline trail designated for bikers. We meet many runners and dogs. John volunteered to take a splinter group down a more direct and steeper trail. There were no volunteers! Near the end of the Amazon Headwaters Trail, we met a runner who had parked her car on 52nd and Willamette. She needed directions! John did his best. All of enjoyed the fall colors on this beautiful forested trail. Thanks to everyone who shared in this “group” experience. It was Marti Berger’s fourth trip and Joyce Saunder’s third trip so we hope to see them as new members. Other non-members were Tom Berkley, Tara McMahon, Paul Seeman and Judith Thompson. Members were Joan Abel, Anne Bonine, Barb Bruns, Shelly and David Call, Daniele Delaby, Maggie Gontrum, Tom Gould, Janet and John Jacobsen, Vicki Levine, Dick and Rosemarie Moffitt, Margaret Prentice, Kathy Riddle, Sharon Ritchie, Ruth Romoser, Nola Shurtleff, Julie Snell and Chuck Wager.

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