Baker Beach

October 29, 2005

Nine of us left Eugene and picked up two more hikers before reaching our trail head north of the C & M Stables, near Florence. We all discussed the chancy weather, would it rain? Would we have sunshine? Wind? Well we had all of the former. We started out under cloudy skies with blue sky peeking through and inspite of assurance, for glorious weather from the leader, we did have rain. After all we live in Oregon so everyone was good natured that the promised sunshine didn’t arrive until after lunch. The temperatures were ideal for hiking. We followed Sullivan’s book and hiked down the beach to Sutton Creek, had lunch a bit inland and then returned via the estuary along the dunes. The Snowy Plover nests here from mid-March to mid-September so the dunes are off limits during that time. This is a fairly short hike so after doing it, for about four years now, I think next time I will add another short hike nearby. Hikers were Max Brown, Suzanne Clark, soon to be a new member, Walt Dolliver, Sherwood Jefferies, Marshall Kandell, Sandra Larsen, Nola Nelson, Carol Petty, Ginny Reich, Nancy Whitfield and non-member Keith Christensen.

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