Umpqua Dunes

October 23, 2005

We drove through Florence to the John Dellenback trailhead in Coos County. We started out into the dunes through a light fog, but after awhile the clouds lifted enough that we were able to see the “tree island” which marks the route. We found the fourth post north of the “island” which marks the entrance to the trail that tunnels through the thick greenery of the foredune forest. We had lunch as soon as we got to the beach. We saw a sea lion as we walked south on the beach. Its fur was sleek and, other than being dead, it appeared to be in excellent condition and showed no signs of trauma. We continued on to Tenmile River. This area has changed a lot since I last saw it. At least ¼ mile of foredune has been washed away and there is a lagoon where none existed before. From here we angled northwest across the dunes. With a little difficulty we managed to find where the trail comes out of the forest onto the dunes. When we got back to the cars we were dismayed to find that Barb Revere’s had been broken into. Someone had smashed the driver’s window and taken a bag containing a change of clothes. The *#&"% lowlife! Members Nancy Whitfield, Anne Bonine, Daphne James, Joanne Ledet, Barb Revere, Margot Fetz, Barb Bruns and Courtney Abbott were accompanied by soon-to-be members Marian and Les Brod. Bob Huntley, leader.

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