North/South Shasta Loops

October 20, 2005

Don’t know if it was the planetary alignment or getting a plug in “Janet’s Sampler,” but a record 20 people signed up for this urban hike. Under heavy skies we did the loop counter-clockwise to fool the rain gods and it worked! The final portion of the trek was illuminated by bright sunshine. Dick Hildreth signed on and paid his buck, but then decided he didn’t have time for the trip and did his own hike back to campus. His place was taken by Janet Jacobsen, who greeted us with trays of delicious grapes as we passed her house and then joined the happy “mob” of Obsidians and guests.

The variety of homes and architecture, combined with the backwoodsy portions of the hike spurred lots of commentary and conversations. The promised peacocks were shyly hiding in the distance, so all we got were glimpses of them. Deer and birds, usually plentiful, were also in absentia (could we have been making a bit of noise?). We did see two caterpillars, however, and discussed several theories of how fat or long they had to be to foretell a bad winter. Unfortunately, none of us knew how fat or long they were last year, so there was no definite forecast.

Going down North Shasta Loop is easier than going up, but there’s no escaping the fact that everything that goes down has to come up again and going counterclockwise offered hills enough for a good workout.

Enjoying the large group outing were nonmembers Stephen Brander, Paul Flashenberg, Patrice McCaffrey and Joyce Sanders; and Obsidians Max Brown, Barbara Bruns, David and Shelly Call, Pat Esch, Yuan Hopkins, Janet Jacobsen, Marshall Kandell, Sandra Larsen, Dick and Rose Marie Moffitt, Margaret Prentice, Barb and Tom Revere and Sheila Ward.

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