Mt. Pisgah Sunrise/Moonset

October 17, 2005

Since the dawn of creation, the sunrise and setting of the full moon on the 17th day of October, 2005, has to be among the top ten list of “Beautiful Mornings.” The show began with a partial eclipse of the moon. Then driving over the 30th Avenue hill we descended into a heavy lake of fog and we remained fog bound until we climbed about ten minutes up Mt. Pisgah and above the fog bank. There the mist provided a halo for the moon light that guided our way. The climax was the bright edge of sun peering like a diamond in the colored sky over the Cascades at 7:37 am (seven minutes later than the predicted time by the local paper. In honesty in reporting, the leader, Royal Murdock, Anne Montgomery and Barb Revere all viewed the eclipse before we gathered for the climb.

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