Fern Ridge Park Bike Trip

October 9, 2005

Eight hardy souls gathered at the beginning of the bike path, with a mist fogging glasses, but with high hopes of the sun to shine as predicted. Royal got a flat several blocks away and changed the tire in a blink of an eye. We were all mightily impressed! As promised, blue skies and sunshine did happen. The ride to the park was lovely. We stopped at the “buffalo ranch” to admire these animals. Joyce said that they bred the buffalo to beef (Beefalo?). Sure enough, we soon saw a buffalo with the smooth white face of a cow. Really weird looking. At the park, Sam helped himself to an apple that had fallen off a tree. He said it was really good. After lunch he and Gayle threw apples at the ones still on the tree to high to reach. They had good luck and brought down quite a few. On the ride back, Sam dropped his bike on the bike path, ran into the Euphoria Chocolate store and brought out chocolate leaves wrapped in Fall-colored foil. What a nice treat. Sam can go on my rides any day! My thanks to this very nice group of people for sharing a wonderful Fall bike ride with me.

Those attending were: non-member, Joyce Sanders and members: Kitty Johnson, Pat Esch, Sam Houston, Stewart Hoeg, Royal Murdock and Gayle Berge. Leader: Sharon Ritchie

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