Four-In-One Cone

September 17, 2005

The weather was iffy for this “view” hike, but once we reached the McKenzie Ranger Station where the sun was out along with some clouds, the majority voted to go up the mountain. And that weather held until we started hiking toward the Sisters and the clouds accumulated along with our steps. This very congenial group made it to the pumice barrens just in time for lunch. Most of the group climbed the cones after lunch to see if there might be a view and were rewarded with seeing mostly the bottoms of the high cascades. One of our members was stung on her index finger by an unknown, through her mitten (did I say it was very cool?) but for the most part everyone was delighted with a cool, gray, invigorating hike through lava fields and gorgeous forests. Participating were members: Birgitte Williams, Margaret Prentice, Clare Tucker (leader), Dick Hildreth, Yuan Hopkins, Shelia Ward, and non-members: Patty Neis, Ken Rosemarin, and Brenda Kameenui.

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