Matthieu Lakes

September 11, 2005

Eight hikers met at SEHS on a partly cloudy day for our hike to Matthieu Lakes. The drive along the Old McKenzie Scenic Hwy. was very pretty. As we arrived at the trailhead, we noticed that it had rained a day or so before and the trail was not dusty (this trail is, also, a horse trail). The trail was perfect for a hike!. We saw “cloud covered glimpses” of the North and Middle Sister. There was a quite a bit of snow this time! (A few weeks before, Barb Schomaker, Daniele Delaby and myself, scouted the trail and not only was the trail more dusty, but there lacked the normal amount of snow on the North and Middle Sister.) Our lunch spot was South Matthieu Lake. On our way back we hiked past North Matthieu Lake completing the Loop. The hikers that went were Julie Dorland, Sharon Duncan, Valerie Duncan (non-member), Kitty Johnson (non-member), Margaret Prentice, Shawn Phelps (non-member), Michelle Tambellini and Barbara Schomaker, both the leaders.

Left to right: Valerie Duncan, Sharon Duncan, Julie Dorland, Michelle Tambellini, Barbara Schomaker, and Shawn Phelps

—photo by Margaret Prentice

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