Black Crater

September 11, 2005

Since our travels took us up the McKenzie drainage, we visited the Carmen Spawning Channel before our hike. We parked at the gate on Forest Service road 710 and walked about ¼ of a mile to the man-made stream that provides a place for salmon to reproduce. We watched about 40 salmon beating their way upstream. Some were slapping their fins to make a nest (the redd) and males were chasing each other.

Continuing on our way to the Black Crater trailhead, we admired the fresh dusting of snow on the peaks. About half way up our trail, we encountered snow alongside the trail. The cloud cover and fog obscured the usual views from the trail and summit. At the summit, we witnessed the vigor of the previous evening’s snow storm as the snow was sculpted horizontally on the west side of the trees and rocks. Occasionally the fog would dissolve and we would catch a glimpse of the Three Sisters and Mount Washington.

Hikers today were: Jennifer Baer (leader), Tyler Burgess, Linda Carnine, Pat Esch, Lubos Hubata-Vacek, Steve Gunn, Sam Miller, and Nancy Whitfield.

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