Amazon Headwaters Ridgeline Trail

September 5, 2005

It was Labor Day and 22 people signed up to hike the new Amazon Headwaters Trail, which officially opened September 3rd. I passed out chocolate to celebrate to celebrate my leading 50 trips. From the gate at the end of West Amazon and Martin Street, we walked up an old road, turned east, hopped over a few rocks in the creek bed and eventually intersected the powerline road. There was a discussion about the progress of the development of the Amazon Headwaters. After a short downhill stretch, we found the new Amazon Headwaters Trail on our right. We continued on the mile long trail with a 430 feet elevation gain to the Fox Hollow Parking Lot. It is a beautiful forested trail with two new bridges and several boardwalks. Half of us retraced our old trips while the rest went with John to explore one of the old trails down to the powerline road. Until a bridge is built over Amazon creek allowing access to the trail from Canyon Road and Martin St., the powerline road is the best way to access the new trail. I have been told that the trail will be open to mountain bikes. This is unfortunate since they will tear up the trail in wet conditions. A new member, Julia Snell, who is 85 years old was pleased to be on the hike. There were four non-members from other hiking clubs. It was exciting to be on a new trail and with so many appreciative hikers. Thanks to John Jacobsen who helped co-lead this holiday hike. Participants were Mari Baldwin, Pat Bitner, Jean Coberly, Jim Duncan, Sharon Duncan, Caroline Forell, Jane Hackett, Marc Hansen, Dick Hildreth, Sam Houston, Janet Jacobsen (leader), John Jacobsen, Kitty Johnson, Joy Norman, Ardas Khalsa, Gurumukh Khalsa, Joanne Ledet, Mary Livingston, Ray Noonan, Margaret Prentice, Anne Rhondes, Kathy Riddle and Julia Snell.

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