Little Brother

September 2, 2005

This was the seventh year in a row that this (usually) late summer Little Brother trip took place, and it may be the best weather yet: we had a high, thin overcast most of the way up which made hiking quite comfortable, and the sun came out and warmed us at the top of Little Brother and for our trip back down. It also appeared that recent precipitation cut down on the dust factor on the trails. We had a great group of four, two of whom (Brian and Dick) were on this trip for the third time, while Nancy was on her third Obsidian trip, which meant that she qualified for membership at the end of trip and she sought the requisite signatures (and perhaps then some) so she could get her application processed forthwith. Dick had been in Australia at sea level for a number of months recently, and used this trip as a gauge of whether he was back in Oregon hiking shape, and he definitely was. There was noticeably less snow to be seen than in any prior year’s Little Brother trip, Collier Glacier looked smaller and more crevassed than ever, and Arrowhead Lake also looked smaller than ever. We didn’t see any other humans from Sunshine Meadow on up and back again. Because it was a Friday, we needed a meeting spot other than South Eugene High School, and found the Campbell Senior to be a great (and maybe preferable) substitute. Participants on this trip were Nancy Andrew, Dick Hildreth, Brian Hoyland, and Doug Quirk (leader).

Little Brother 7810'

North and Middle Sisters from the Obsidian Trail at Inspiration Point on the Jerry Lava flow. Little Brother is just below and left of the North Sister in this photo.

Meadows along Glacier Creek, above Sunshine Meadow. Peaks left to right are North Sister 10,094', the Black Fin, and the Middle Sister 10,053'.

Little Brother from Sunshine meadows along Glacier Creek.

The west face of the North Sister from just below the lateral moraine of the Collier Glacier.

The west face of the North Sister from just below the lateral moraine of the Collier Glacier.

The south face of Little Brother, the many layers of eruptions that built the peak are evident is this glacially carved headwall.

Balancing rock formation on the summit ridge of Little Brother at about 7800'.

Doug on the “Pinnacle” on the summit ridge of Little Brother at 7810'. Other peaks left to right are Mount Washington 7794', Three Finger Jack 7841', and Mount Jefferson 10,497'.

The Oregon High Cascades with Mount Hood 11,239' and Mount Adams 12,276' visible in the distance.

The North Sister, Collier Glacier, and the Middle Sister from the summit of Little Brother.

Arrowhead lake and the surrounding Obsidian area is on the left center, with Glacier Creek and sunshine meadow in the middle right of the photo, from the summit of Little Brother.

Collier Cone and the lateral moraine of the Collier Glacier. As recently as 1924 the glacier extended all the way down to Collier Cone, today it has retreated far up the slope, obvious evidence of recent climatic warming. Black Crater and Black Butte are above and left of Collier Cone in this photo from the summit of Little Brother.

A panoramic shot of the High Cascades and the volcanic region near McKenzie Pass. On the right of the photo are Oppie Dildock Pass, Yapoah Crater, Black Crater, and Black Butte. Little Belknap and the lava flows near McKenzie Pass are visible on the left center of the photo.

—photos and captions by Brian Hoyland

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