Ridgeline Trail/Spencer Butte

September 1, 2005

We began our hike at 8:30 from the gate at the end of West Amazon and Martin Street. We walked up an old road, turned east, and eventually intersected the powerline road. After a short downhill stretch, we found the new Amazon Headwater Trail on our right. To the North on our left, there was a barrier blocking the trail back to Canyon Road and Martin Street. Until a bridge is built over the creek, one has to access the trail from the powerline road. The new trail is about a mile long with a 430 feet elevation gain to the Fox Hollow Parking Lot. It is a beautiful forested trail with several new bridges. We crossed Fox Hollow Road and continued on the Ridgeline Trail to the intersection with the sign indicating it was one mile to the top of Spencer Butte. At the next intersection, another sign indicated that it was still one mile to the top. That did not discourage our group from reaching the top for snacks. By the time we retraced our steps back to our cars, we were ready for lunch. If you want to hike on this new trail, consider starting at the Fox Hollow Parking Lot and hiking downhill! It was Marcia Cutler’s 3rd trip. She sent her membership application in that day. Welcome to the club!

Participants were: LaRee Beckley, Dan Christensen, Marcia Cutler, Walt Dolliver, Anne Hollander, Janet Jacobsen (leader), John Jacobsen and Marshall Kandell.

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