Washburne/China Creek Loops

August 21, 2005

Spectacular weather made it difficult for us to stop beachcombing and go inland. Up the Hobbit Trail we went, however. There’s a fork in the trail where one has to decide whether to take the easy path or the more interesting and difficult one. For the second time, I missed the fork and we found ourselves on the easy trail. It’s easy to see the trail from the highway entrance, but it seems hidden from below (or, perhaps, my eyes aren’t what they used to be). Strange for this time of year, but the beaver pond overflowed the little lookout, making our stop there shorter than usual. There were still some purple foxglove greeting us at the meadow, where we had lunch, before continuing on the China Creek Loop. Also unusual after such a hot, dry summer, we saw lots of mushrooms, including a couple we dubbed “Black Death.” The ride back included a stop at Darlingtonia Botanical Gardens to see the cobra lilies and BJs to reward ourselves with ice cream treats. Hikers were: nonmembers Pat Esch and Sam Houston; and Obsidians Julie Dorland, Marshall Kandell (leader), Barb and Tom Revere and Nancy Whitfield.

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