Little Brother

August 19, 2005

After stopping at the McKenzie Ranger Station to pick up a limited access permit, we continued up the Old McKenzie Highway to Frog Camp and its excellent, ample, individually shaded parking circle at the Obsidian Trailhead. After a dull 3½-mile gradual ascent through the forest, the path climbs over a lava wall for a great first view of Obsidian Cliffs and the Sisters. Crossing a stream and going up a lava flow the way winds left at Minnie Scott Springs junction to Glacier Way. Along White Branch Creek, through Sunshine Meadows, we passed a trail junction where the stream winks widely down a slope from the south where Arrowhead Lake waits for a different trip. ½ mile up a smaller trail heading toward Middle Sister, we began bushwhacking off the trail to the left. Traversing up steep, loose scree for two miles to a view of Little Brother’s steep, sandy, south shoulder, we ascended that for a view now 3060 ft. higher than the trailhead and lunch atop the 7810 ft. narrow ridge of sharp rocks, with a vast chasm separating us from N. Sister. It was a hot day. Thanks to drivers Rich Romm and Lynn Frost. Participants were John Andriola (non-member), LaRee Beckley, Jim Fritz (leader), Lynn Frost (non-member), Chris Gordon, Daphne James and Rich Romm.

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