Canyon Creek Meadows

August 14, 2005

Reaching the trailhead was half the trip due to the long drive and slightly bumpy ending. However the clean air, clear skies, and slight coolness due to the gentle breezes was worth it. The crew of six hikers cheerfully reached the meadows to find the marsh marigolds blooming. Then we headed up to the moraine to peer down on the slightly muddy lake at the base of Three Fingered Jack With encouragement from Julie, some of the hikers took on the additional 1.5 mile hike/climb for the awesome view of the Three Sisters, Husband,, Mt. Bachelor and Mt. Washington. After taking the time to enjoy the view, the crew headed down to complete the loop and return to the cars. The section of the trail that winds through the burned area has begun to regenerate; noticeably by the presence of fireweed. The cheerful crew consisted of: Julie Dorland, Laurie Funkhouser (leader), Martin Holland-Bak, Jean Murphy (non-member), Barb Revere and Nancy Whitfield.

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