Lillian Falls/Klovdahl Bay

August 13, 2005

Eight hikers met at SEHS at 8 a.m. and headed for the trail head hoping to avoid the forecast of 90+ heat. Less than a minute before the first car arrived at the trail head a large bear was seen leaving the gravel road ahead and disappearing into the foliage. The temperature was a cool 59 under sunny skies at about 9:45 as we started up the trail. The group almost immediately found themselves hiking through old growth Douglas fir and western hemlock. Lillian Falls was deemed worthy of an extended break. After continuing up the path, Jim and Stewart were pleased to find that where they had encountered very large trees blocking the path last month, the way was now clear. The hikers’ diet was supplemented along the way with blackberries, blueberries and huckleberries. The group arrives at Klovdahl Bay on Waldo Lake right before noon, and spent a leisurely lunch enjoying the sunshine, stiff breeze, cool temperatures (about 70) and no mosquitoes! Everyone was impressed by Dick Hildreth’s willingness to take a brief dip in the lake, solo. The hike back down was highlighted by another long break at Lillian Falls. The hike required four somewhat challenging stream crossings, but with the help of several walking sticks and great teamwork, 63 1/2 out of 64 feet avoided taking a dip in the streams. The shaded route and natural air conditioning of Black Creek and Lillian Falls kept the group cool and comfortable until we arrived back at the cars. A side trip to the A&W in Oakridge was added to complete a beautiful and satisfying day in the woods.

Participants were: Dan Christensen, Jim Duncan (co-leader), Debra Higbee (non-member), Dick Hildreth, Stewart Hoeg (co-leader), Shawn Phelps (non-member), Barb Revere and Sheila Ward.

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