Maxwell Butte

August 13, 2005

Although the valley was very hot this day, the trail temperature was exceedingly pleasant. At the top of the Butte, 6225 feet, the breeze caused some to want a long-sleeved shirt. In a few places the trail was a bit dusty due to the time of year; regardless, guest, Sabine Dutoit said that the trail was her favorite because of the gradual yet steady climb to the top. One of our lucky hikers, Claudia Arias, surprised a young black bear eating huckleberries along the trail. The rest of us heard it crashing through the woods, fleeing in fright, or was that Claudia? All hikers, Chris Stockdale, Sabine Dutoit, Claudia Arias, Peter Graham, and Melody and Jim Clarkson (leader) enjoyed lunch viewing the peaks from Hood to Diamond.

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