Vivian Lake

August 6, 2005

On a hot August day ten hardy hikers, equipped with great attitudes and lots of water, met at South Eugene parking lot for a hike to Vivian Lake. We left at 8 am and after parking at Salt Creek Falls visitors parking lot we set off at about 10 am. The first third of the hike is fairly easy and wanders through a pleasant wooded area. After getting to the wilderness area the incline increases noticeably so we slowed our pace to avoid overheating and also to enjoy the Fall Creek waterfall from a great vantage point. After taking a short break at that waterfall we set off again for the lake. While the bear grass was bloomed out, the huckleberries were ripe and we enjoyed plucking a few berries along the way. When I have led this hike in previous years we have had to stop short of the lake either because of the snow pack or because the path to the lake was too wet to continue. Not this year. Conditions were perfect. We stopped at the lake for lunch, enjoying the view of the lovely mountain lake and Mt. Yoran in the background. A few people came prepared with swimsuits and took a swim while a few others opted for wading in the clear water. After lunch we reluctantly left for the return trip to our cars, detouring to Diamond Creek Falls on the way. Even in a dry year there was still a great deal of water coming over the falls, and it provided ample photo opportunities for the hikers. We got back to our cars around 2:30 p.m. and most of us stopped in Oakridge for a cool treat at the Dairy Queen. Non Obsidian hikers were Jamie Gorbet and Ken Rosenstein. Obsidian hikers included Max Brown, Daniele Delaby, Dick Hildreth, Yuan Hopkins, Sherwood Jefferies, Rod Wood and co-leaders Joanne Ledet and LaRee Beckley.

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