Mt. Adams Backpack

August 5-7, 2005

One of the Northwest’s best-kept secrets is that backpackers are allowed to venture onto the southeast side of Mt. Adams, even though it is in the Yakima Indian Reservation. The timberline meadows here match those at Mt. Rainier or the Three Sisters, but without the crowds. We set out from Cold Springs Campground on the South Climb Trail, a route popular with climbers, but after a mile headed east into Indian land on the Round-the-Mountain Trail. After another two miles, a short cross-country ramble took us to the headwaters of Crooked Creek, a wildflower basin with a giant, gushing spring. On the second day some of the group stayed near camp while a subgroup climbed halfway up Mt. Adams to Sunrise Camp, spotting mountain goats, ptarmigans, iceberg lakes, and glacial icefalls along the way. On the third day most of the group hiked back to Cold Springs, while others took a shorter route down to a shuttle car at Bird Lake.

Participants were: Jim Fritz, J. Scott Hovis, Janet Jacobsen, John Jacobsen, Gwen Saenger, Janell Sorensen, Chris Stockdale, Bill Sullivan (leader), Ian Sullivan, Karen Sullivan and Sue Wolling.

Chris Stockdale and Scott Hovis returning from Sunrise Camp

Photo by Bill Sullivan


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