Lowder Mountain

July 23, 2005

On a beautiful, warm Saturday we headed to Lowder Mountain. Because our group was big, we divided up into two groups with Ann-Marie’s co-leading expertise. The trail is not being maintained so it was very overgrown and often obscure from view, however, we persevered and made it to the top. The views were spectacular! The wildflowers in full bloom and included: tiger lilies, gentian, cone flowers, columbine, cat’s paws, cat’s ear, larkspur, coral root, sedum, spiria, lupine, paintbrush, yarrow, wild roses and rhodies. There were no mosquitoes and the flies were annoying. One person fell on the trail so we were able to use our first aid supplies. The unnamed hiker just suffered a few scratches. We all learned to replace our antiseptic wipes before they dry out because they dry out when carried around in packs for years. So, check out your personal kits and make them useful. We were back in Eugene by 4:30 and all had a great time. Hikers were Ann-Marie Askew, Dan Bates, Daniele Delaby, Yuan Hopkins, Sherwood Jefferies, Marshall Kandell, Nola Nelson, Barb Revere, Barbara Schomaker, Guy Strahon, Judy Terry, Diane Jeffcott (leader), and non-members Winnie Kerner and Barry Taub.

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