Mt. Pisgah-Sunset/Moonrise

July 20, 2005

On a beautiful summer evening in the glow of a sunset we hiked up Mt. Pisgah. On top we were rewarded by a cool breeze, a full moon emerging from behind Diamond Peak, and a congenial group to appreciate and share the experience. It was dark coming down as we were in the moon shadow cast by Mt. Pisgah. Flashlights helped on the slippery gravel. Driving home took about 15 minutes. It doesn’t get much better than this. Enjoying the night were: Royal Murdock (leader), Laurie Reed, Barb Revere, Anne McLucas, Sherwood Jefferies, Janet Jacobsen, Walt Dolliver, Jennifer Baer, Bonnie Richman, Peter Newman and Steve Gunn.

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