Willamette Valley Bike

June 26, 2005

Leader: Sharon Ritchie (for Norma)

One non-member no-show brought the total participants to 2,005, which I felt was more than adequate! Don’t you? No, that’s not the year, that’s the number participants! Okay, okay, so 2,000 of them were participating in a Cycle Oregon ride and going the opposite direction, but it certainly made for colorful viewing as they passed by. We seemed to ride past or alongside them most of the day. This ride is literally out in farm country in the valley. It’s flat, which was a bonus and the day was overcast and cool. Perfect biking weather. We were invited to participate in lunch with Cycle Oregon. I said that we weren’t part of their group. I was told it wouldn’t matter, who would know? Good point, but by that time we were like horses heading for the barn. The end was in sight and anyway, we had already had lunch. Many thanks to the four great riders who kept me company today. I’m sure they enjoyed watching the various bikes and attire flash by as much as I did. My riders were Stewart Hoeg, Guy Strahon, Judy Terry and Martha Welches. Sharon Ritchie, leader . . . sort-of!

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